Visual Basics -APICS May 10, 2010


Learning to See the Wastes

 Manufacturing is all about processes.  How effectively those process operate is a function of good teamwork, good communication and the elimination of waste.  An effective process is one that is value adding – VA – something the customer is willing to pay for. Waste is the non value adding activities – NVA – that we attach to our processes, often because of our false perceptions of reality and need. 

            The ability to eliminate waste in production requires each team member, at all levels, to develop Lean Eyes in order to see the opportunities.

            Lean Eyes means having the ability to recognize the VA and NVA activity in the shop, and since that is the basic starting point for implementing Lean Manufacturing, we will take a look  at a couple of useful tools to help us uncover and eliminate waste in our processes. Our goal is to enable you to easily identify, quantify, and prioritize the wasteful activities that occur in your facility both in the factory and the office.

            Developing the ability to recognize waste is an essential first step on the Lean Journey. Join us on Wednesday, May 10, 2010 as Glenn Tanzman of Tanzco Management Consulting will lead us through the Visual Basic used to transform processes.

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