ISO 9001:2008 for Health Care – May 26, 2010

Glenn Tanzman of Tanzco Management Consulting will present the ISO 9001:2008 in Healthcare.

Hospitals are beginning to certify to ISO 9001 as a business improvement tool that provides better care, fewer errors, and a more efficient operation. This trend started in the mid-west and is beginning to spread throughout the US. Find out why? 

The meeting will be at Cappucino’s Restaurant                        

      Rt 9 S, at IBM Road

                          Poughkeepsie, NY


      Time: 6:30 Social , 7:00 Dinner


Reservations can be made with Don Cleverley (452-0651) or Choices are Veal Cutlet Parm, Chicken Marsala or Baked Tilapia.

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