Mid-Hudson APICS and ASQ Joint Meeting

Wednesday May 18th…. APICS and ASQ Joint Meeting

Navigating Your Career Path

… in this rapidly changing world

Gary Pezzuti – Placement Professional

North, Central & West Jersey Chapters

Youngest Brother Restaurant, Rt. 9W, Newburgh, NY

– ¼ mile south of I-84

Networking 6:00 pm, Dinner 6:30, Presentation 7:30

Cost: $22 Members, Non Members $ 25

RSVP to Glenn Tanzman at g.tanzman@tanzco.net

“The restructuring of American business means we are coming to the end of the age of the employer and employee…  Employers can’t guarantee jobs anymore because they don’t know what their companies will look like next year.  Everyone is on their way to becoming an independent contractor…” HERBERT MEYER

In this session, Gary will present an overview of the following issues:

BackgroundEmployers are no longer responsible for your future – They never really were… it was an illusion.  You are now the captain of your own ship – You control your destiny – You can change course whenever

A ‘Job’ or a ‘Career’?How to know the difference – which are you in presently?

Targeted Resumes’ - According to the national hiring managers’ survey “… generic resumes were heavily criticized as a worthless effort.”

How Can I Help” vs. WII-FMA discussion on “HCIH” thinking & presentations

Career Insurance - Your Security is Based On: Your willingness to continually identify your areas of expertise where you can contribute effectively… AND your ability to find a need… fill it effectively … make it profitable for you AND your employer.

Who Should Attend:

  • · Those who will sit for their annual review
  • · Candidates applying to ‘Internal Postings’
  • · Employees seeking promotions and / or management positions
  • · Managers / Staff who screen / qualify candidates or conduct interviews
  • · Anyone involved in training / instruction / education
  • · Managers performing employee reviews
  • · Project Managers / Team Leaders
  • · Students / Practioners seeking to chart a career path
  • · Those preparing reports / presentations to top management

Gary Pezzuti of Summit Group has spent the past 30+ years as a Placement Professional serving most of the manufacturing sector and specializing in “Contingency Search” and “Interim Professionals”.  He has observed evolutionary changes in hiring procedures as well as the emergence of numerous “magical marketing techniques”.  And while there are no magic pills, Gary has developed an efficient method of teaching candidates more effective ‘real life’ presentation techniques… satisfying the desires of the candidates as well as fulfilling the requirements of the position and the expectations of the hiring authorities.

In addition, Gary has been a member of the Northern New Jersey Chapter of APICS since 1981; presently serves as Treasurer for Central Jersey Chapter of APICS and Secretary for West Jersey Chapter of APICS.  He is Past President of the Board of Unity Church of NYC, Treasurer of The Eric Butterworth Foundation and Adjutant for the Military Order of the Purple Heart – Chapter 202.


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