Mission Statement

What we found out was that Glenn was not only a consultant, but he had also managed manufacturing organizations so he understood the issues faced by manufactures today. He reinforced the training by hands on activities.... we as a management team was learning to think out of the conventional box - move away from existing paradigms, and we began to look a new and better ways of conducting our business. In summary, our management team is better equipped to deal with the increasing cost of doing business. We are learning to move away from conventional thinking to now examining new and different ways to do our business. The training was awesome - an eye opener and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about surviving in the US economy as it is today.

-- Lee Ferris, Plant Manger, Rand Whitney

After over 30 years on the front line of manufacturers companies struggling to remain competitive in a global environment where the deck seemed to be stacked against them, I wanted to take the lessons that I had learned and help American manufacturers thrive not just survive in this increasingly competitive world.

One of those challenges are the new environmental regulations being initiated in the European Union. REACH and ROHS affect supply chains throughout the world causing potential disruptions as well as risks of lost revenue and penalties for non-compliance. In addition, these initiatives have begun to cause a response by our federal and state governments that present additional costs and potential barriers to markets for many manufacturing companies.

We want to help you meet those challenges in the most cost effective and add value to your business.

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