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What we found out was that Glenn was not only a consultant, but he had also managed manufacturing organizations so he understood the issues faced by manufactures today. He reinforced the training by hands on activities.... we as a management team was learning to think out of the conventional box - move away from existing paradigms, and we began to look a new and better ways of conducting our business. In summary, our management team is better equipped to deal with the increasing cost of doing business. We are learning to move away from conventional thinking to now examining new and different ways to do our business. The training was awesome - an eye opener and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about surviving in the US economy as it is today.

-- Lee Ferris, Plant Manger, Rand Whitney

When a light goes on…

After traveling to the Middle East last year, Sandy Littman had an epiphany about her business, The American Glass Light Company. For 27 years, AGL had been a low volume, high quality, design oriented manufacture of decorative lighting for the residential and commercial markets.

She realized that by standardizing the sheet metal, electronic, and electrical components of her designs, she could reduce number of components she had to buy and simplify the production of her lighting fixtures. However she was still concerned that the factory could not meet the demand for her designs she had uncovered. So she engaged Glenn Tanzman to reinvent her factory and processes.

Starting this past March, the AGL factory in Newburgh has undergone a major renovation. We began with a 5S program that resulted in dumpsters of obsolete and unnecessary equipment being thrown out. This enabled us to reorganize the existing inventory and uncover assets that they didn’t realize they had and often reordered because they couldn’t find. So for the past for months, the factory personnel has “gone shopping” through the old inventory and found tens of thousands of dollars of usable inventory to make fixtures from.

After cleaning out the first floor, the assembly operation was moved downstairs and organized per the lean manufacturing layout that Glenn had designed thus eliminating wasteful transportation up and down to the second floor. However, Glenn’s involvement hasn’t ended there. He has acted as the project manager to have the roof repaired and redone, the mold created by the leaks remediated the interior and floors repainted and racking and assembly tables purchased, assembled, and located. He created a production office on the first floor and has been setting up new BOM’s and setting up the operations side of the recently upgraded MAS90 ERP system.

Glenn is currently working on the removal of a large oil tank, painting the exterior of the factory building, excavating for additional parking, rewiring the first floor to support the new layout. He has been developing alternatives for the foam-in-place packaging system that are cleaner, easier to use, and more environmentally friendly.

Tanzco is proud to offer Lean EMS from the Pinnacle Enterprise Group

Lean EMS has proven to be the most efficient and effective method for small, medium, and large companies to achieve ISO 14001 certification/registration. While the industry norm for ISO 14001 implementation is 12 month or more, Lean EMS is a customized ISO 14001 consulting and training services achieve the objective in just 1-3 months, with a more sophisticated Environmental Management System platform. We have a 100% success rate and offer a registration guarantee.

Lean EMS is a registered trademark of the Pinnacle Enterprise Group. The Enterprise Group (Pinnacle) is a process engineering, management system implementation, and organizational development firm. To learn more about the customized solutions offered by Pinnacle click here.

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