Business Process Improvement

We are a Process Engineering and Management Systems Implementation firm that produces measureable results and improved profits for our clients by helping them achieve Operational Excellence. The scope of our practice includes complete Lean Enterprise Solutions, Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems, Environmental Compliance Systems training and implementations, and Supply Chain Best Practices.

We can:

  • Reengineer production methods to maximize productivity and profit Constantly improve products and processes to gain and keep a keen competitive edge.
  • Forge durable strategic alliances with vendors and customers and┬áminimize costs without adversely affecting quality or customer satisfaction.
  • Redesigned factories, implementing Lean protocols and 5S program to free floor space. Acted as general contractor, overseeing construction.
  • Created customer and product family-based production cells.
  • Replaced stock room with point-of-use pods..
  • Increased throughput 30-400%.
  • Develope procurement plans and coordinate with key suppliers to institute JIT delivery program
  • Implement Quality Management Systems to have your company certified to ISO9001:2008, ISO 13485, or AS9100C

Lean is the way to control Healthcare costs

If you could improve customer satisfaction and the quality of care while reducing operating costs, won't you.

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Focus on Creating a Lean Supply Chain

To truly be Lean, these principles have to be extended beyond the boundaries of the normal manufacturing process. This has led many to attempt to identify the key principles of Lean that apply to the supply chain, as well as how these principles should be adopted to build an adaptive, flexible, and creative supply chains.

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What we found out was that Glenn was not only a consultant, but he had also managed manufacturing organizations so he understood the issues faced by manufactures today. He reinforced the training by hands on activities.... we as a management team was learning to think out of the conventional box - move away from existing paradigms, and we began to look a new and better ways of conducting our business. In summary, our management team is better equipped to deal with the increasing cost of doing business. We are learning to move away from conventional thinking to now examining new and different ways to do our business. The training was awesome - an eye opener and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about surviving in the US economy as it is today.

-- Lee Ferris