We are proud to partner with the Pinnacle Enterprise Group. Pinnacle's approach is more than a simple QMS standard certification program. Simply addressing generic requirements and passing a Certification Audit just buys you an expensive certificate to hang on a wall. To bring long-term value the QMS must be rational, practical, and efficient. It must continually define, describe, and control all business processes (including quality, technical, and regulatory processes). Furthermore, maintaining registration (certification) mandates a sustained mind set and proficiency. Simply put, your staff must have the skills and knowledge needed to take ownership of the process and have the ability to maintain and improve it into the future.

Major manufacturers in the aircraft and aerospace industry identified quality suppliers as a valuable link in the supply chain. Instead of writing their own quality management system standard, the manufacturers chose to build off the well-known ISO 9001:2000 quality management system standard. By incorporating sector specific supplier requirements, the aircraft and aerospace industry established AS9100 and AS9100b as quality standards. AS9100 was published by SAE – Society for Automotive Engineers in 1999. AS9100 resulted from cooperation between major aerospace corporations – American Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG) – with input from ANAB (fka: ANSI-RAB) and the Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR) Tanzco is qualified audit AS 9100 or to help you prepare you for certification. We offer two methodologies to gain AS 9100 certification. In addition to the Lean QMS from Pinnacle, we also offer the traditional methodoly that includes the following steps: AS9100 Initial Assessment and Gap Analysis AS9100 Document Preperation and Review AS9100 Pre-assessment

The Pre-assessment is designed to prepare you for the AS9100 certification assessment by identifying areas of concern and reducing the anxiety level associated with the assessment process. This dress rehearsal will assure that there are no surprises during the certification audit. This affords your staff will realize that we want your program to succeed and that the process is less intimidating and traumatic than you may anticipate.

We also offer internal auditing services to maintian your certification status.

Early in 2009, the IAQG released Revision C to AS9100, the aerospace quality management system (QMS) standard. This revision marks the first significant change to the standard since its initial release. AS9100 Series standards are maintained and harmonized through the workings of the IAQG and are recognized worldwide. The IAQG is composed of OEMs & prime suppliers across the Americas, European and Asia-Pacific sectors.

The process of rewriting AS9100 started back in 2005 by gathering stakeholder input. These stakeholders included civil aviation authorities, defense and space authorities, certification bodies, trade associations, suppliers and IAQG member companies. The input came in the form of comments and each comment (approximately 350) had to be addressed as part of the process.

  1. Incorporate the ISO 9001:2008 base requirements
  2. Expand the scope from an aerospace standard to an aviation, space and defense standard
  3. Ensure alignment with IAQG strategies for on-time, on-quality performance
  4. Incorporate new requirements based on the needs of stakeholders
  5. Improve existing requirements based on needs identified by stakeholders.

Revising this standard entailed a process of survey, discussion and review, which due to the broad and international nature of stakeholders took several years to complete. The outcome is a valuable standard applicable to a wider array of complex systems heavily dependent on international networks of suppliers throughout the supply chain. It is suitable to be used by all sizes of organizations engaged in the various levels of product complexity and is no longer just an "aerospace standard", but an "aviation, space and defense" standard.

Suppliers should now be achieving AS9100C certification.

Current Issues

Recent Changes Allign AS9100C with ISO9001:2008