Complete Lean Enterprise Training Program

You have heard about how lean manufacturing companies has helped world-class companies to thrive despite adversity. Lean has now expended into many other areas including the office and to service organizations like hospitals. The logic of lean is simple: reduce waste and maintain enough agility to change based on customer demand. But what are the necessary moves required to implement lean in my organization? What are the best strategies to employ?

What we found out was that Glenn was not only a consultant, but he had also managed manufacturing organizations so he understood the issues faced by manufactures today. He reinforced the training by hands on activities.... we as a management team was learning to think out of the conventional box - move away from existing paradigms, and we began to look a new and better ways of conducting our business. In summary, our management team is better equipped to deal with the increasing cost of doing business. We are learning to move away from conventional thinking to now examining new and different ways to do our business. The training was awesome - an eye opener and I recommend it to anyone who is serious about surviving in the US economy as it is today.

-- Lee Ferris

The successful implementation of Lean deals with making sound decisions regarding all facets of your company, from top management to product development to the production line and customer service. This philosophical frame work, along with specific recommendations, will give you a roadmap for improving your company's competitiveness. The path to this culture change comes through education that prepares everyone from the factory floor or customer service up through supervision and finally to management. Teaching and motivating your employees to recognize and remove waste from your value stream is the key element in the "culture change" that will enable them to make better decisions and drive continuous improvement from the bottom up. Tanzco has developed and is proud to offer our trademarked solution to create the change required and to manage that change to achieve the business results your firm is looking for.


Increased productivity 10-40%
Increased efficiency 10-40%
Increased profitability 10-200%
Increased customer satisfaction 25%
Decreased inventory 10-30%
Decreased WIP 20-50%
Decreased cost 5-20%
Decreased waste 10-50%
Decreased production time 5-25%
Decreased employee turnover 5-25%
Decreased floor space requirement 20-50%

  The major elements of the Complete Lean Enterprise Training Program are:

 Understanding Lean Principles

Learning to See – Lean Eyes

6S (5S plus Safety)

Set-up Time Reduction

Total Preventative Maintenance

The 14 Toyota Way Principles

TPS Simulation Exercise

Value Stream Mapping and Analysis

Mistake Proofing

  The following additional supervisory training will be provided:

 Developing a Lean Workforce

Keeping the Lean Momentum Going

Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Facilitating VSM and Lean Activities

Communications and Motivational Skills in a Lean Environment

Practical Lean Accounting

Making the Right Choices for a Lean Company

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Current Issues

Western manufacturers are surviving mostly on productivity growth and squeezed margins.