Environmental Compliance Services

“Taking the confusion out of compliance”

Everyone is in agreement that implementing an environmental compliance program is no easy task. The complexity and diverse requirements of the many new legislative initiative requires expertise that most organizations simply don’t have. Furthermore, the time and effort, the drain on resources, and the focus required to remain current with the constant changes are more than most businesses can handle. That makes the development and implementation of an Environmental Compliance Program an idea candidate for outsourcing to the experts. The expert and experienced staff at Tanzco Management Consulting can help you create the systems and processes that will not only help your company become and stay compliant but will help you enhance your competitive position. From PhD Toxocologists to supply chain risk management experts, we have been helping companies navagate the legislative morass for over four years and we can help your company now. And without the overhead of a testing lab to support, we can do it at an affordable price!


New Regulation on Classification, Labeling and Packaging of Chemicals

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ISO 14001

Without a defined standard to certify as REACH compliant, ISO 14001 can provide the framework to demonstrate your company's compliance and commitment to environmental responsibility.

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We were besieged with customer requests for the materials composition of our products. It was an overwhelming and onerous task. We were concerned because as a small company we couldn’t provide it for all 9800 products and stay in business. Glenn Tanzman was recommended and he made sense of it all for us and developed a cost effective compliance plan that we were quickly able to implement with his help. We were so pleased we signed up for Tanzco’s quarterly update service.

-- Jay Weiner, EFC Wesco