What Will Be the Standard for REACH Compliance

We were besieged with customer requests for the materials composition of our products. It was an overwhelming and onerous task. We were concerned because as a small company we couldn’t provide it for all 9800 products and stay in business. Glenn Tanzman was recommended and he made sense of it all for us and developed a cost effective compliance plan that we were quickly able to implement with his help. We were so pleased we signed up for Tanzco’s quarterly update service.

-- Jay Weiner, EFC Wesco

There Is No Internationally Recognized Standard for REACH Compliance

If you are like most other companies, you will be requested to provide some evidence of product environmental compliance by customers, non-governmental organizations, or governmental enforcement authorities. On occasion, you may also be asked for demonstrate – through documentation – that you have the proper controls in place to ensure that compliance is an on-going process, not a one-time event. The quality of the conformance assurance system that you establish may determine whether or not you are subject to further scrutiny.

It would be easier if there were a standard to certify to. There are many claiming that they offer a certification but they are still hollow claims for now. Software companies claim that they have the solution and can manage all your materials composition data, check against the SVHCs and provide notifications. Nice to have but it doesn't manage processes and is not a certification.

Others claim that a third party audit can certify your company for REACH. How? There is not overall certifying body authorizing them to do so like an RABQSA for example. Still others claim that QC 080000 IECQ HSPM – Hazardous Substances Process Management should be used but it only deals with electronics.

So what are you to do? How about looking at the bigger picture and adopting a socially responsible corporate strategy. The best way to do that would be to become certified to ISO 14001. To obtain that certification you would have to be REACH compliant as well as compliant to all applicable environmental standard. More importantly you would be addressing your company's overall impact on the environment and making a continuous effort to reduce it.

Ready to make the right move and become certified to an already accepted international strategy to shows that your company cares about the world it lives in, call us. We can help you obtain ISO14001 certification.

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