Risk Management

We were besieged with customer requests for the materials composition of our products. It was an overwhelming and onerous task. We were concerned because as a small company we couldn’t provide it for all 9800 products and stay in business. Glenn Tanzman was recommended and he made sense of it all for us and developed a cost effective compliance plan that we were quickly able to implement with his help. We were so pleased we signed up for Tanzco’s quarterly update service.

-- Jay Weiner, EFC Wesco

How does your company review and evaluate product chemicals for human and environmental effects? Are you aware of all ingredients (and potential contaminants) in your products?

Are you comfortable with the risks you and your business might be assuming from its operations and sales?

Could your sales be interrupted because of non-compliance to all of the new environmental regulation or by disruptions in your supply chain

If this is keeping you up at night or occupying to much of your focus, then contact us and we can help you assess your risks and develop strategies to minimize or mitigate them.

Current Issues

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